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Manufacturers & Exporters of Surgical, Dental, Veterinary Instruments, Scissors & Pliers of All Sorts.
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Daignostic stethoscope

Diagnostics instruments

Surgical Scissors

Bandage Scissors

Carbide Blade Scissors

Plaster Cast Instruments

Hemostatic Forceps

Needle Holders

Carbide Jaw Needle Holders

Sature Instruments

Thumb Dressing and Tissue Forcpes

Splinter Forceps

Intestinal Insruments

Dermal Instruments

Dermail / Podiatry Instruments

Trocars & Suction Tubes

Probes and Director

Goiter/Throid Instruments

Gall Bladder Instruments

Vein Strippers


Thoracic and Cardiovascular Instruments

Neurosurgical Instruments

Orthopedic Instruments

Eye Instruments

Ear Instruments

Nasal Instruments

Oral Instruments

Post Nasal Instruments

Trachearl Instruments

Rectal Instruments

Urological Instruments

Gynecological Instruments

Obstetrical Instruments

Post Mortem Instruments

Miscellaneous instruments




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